Our VW

Florence ~ Our beautiful vintage VW


Our beautiful 1970 VW Early Bay camper has been on one big adventure in her life, so why not start yours together with her? Made in 1970 in Germany, she headed off the production line and was shipped out to America. Enjoying the sun shine and dry climate she had a relaxed life and kept her body in good shape. After some years she yearned for a new adventure however and came via the Netherlands to England, where she underwent a discreet yet large transformation. She was fitted with a Subaru 2.5litre engine and 5 speed gearbox with components coming from as far as Australia, her new athletic ability is truly an international accomplishment. This all fits in so beautifully that from the outside you really can’t tell until you lift the engine lid! Her body was in such good shape that even to this day there is not a spot of welding anywhere to be found, but she did change colour from her old Savannah Beige to her current gorgeous Turkis and Blauweiss, an original Dormobile pop top roof with the funkiest canvas design ever and bright roof windows allowing lots of natural light in for photographs.
She also received an internal makeover too with a solid American Black Walnut hand crafted interior, even with a slide out TV! She is quite simply stunning and raises a smile and a wave where ever she goes. More recently she has made another smaller move for her, but a big move for us from Shropshire down to Devon. As a seasoned traveller, she took it in her stride and is loving her new life in an area of England that has become a magnet for her type of friends. She really is a delight to travel in and is sure to add something very special to your already special day. She has seating for up to four passengers, three in the rear and one up front in prime waving position. She is therefore ideally suited to taking the additional important people in your wedding party and she doesn’t mind doing a couple of trips if need be either. She is at your service to start the new chapter in your lives in absolute style.